Friday, December 05, 2014

Rot in Hell!

Jobless doesn't necessarily mean that I am unemployed. Well technically I am. But the 'jobless' in the blog title refers to the state of having nothing to do. At such times, the mind tends to wander off into areas which are hitherto unknown. If one manages to allow his mind to go free then he reaches a place which is clear, pure : "spotless". It is like bathing yourself in pure morning sunshine. And this sunshine once experienced remains with us always. Thus,Eternal Sunshine of the Jobless Mind.

Exams over semester done, with a joyous mind I was heading home.
Vacations would offer me lots of free time, in the whole city I would roam.
The journey was slow, and the train was late,
but it had no effect on me 'coz my mood was great.
On the station as I alighted,
My sense of homecoming really heightened.
A small journey by the Local remained,
Then I would be Home, and this arduous journey will end.
As I walked towards the ticket counter,
One of them brushed past me but I did not register.
10 of them had arrived through the sea,
Blood thirsty they were and went on a killing spree.
2 had come to create havoc at CST,
'coz innocent people in large numbers were guaranteed.
As fate would have it, I too was there.
The bastard just walked past me and I was so unaware.
I walked towards my platform, with my purchased ticket in hand .
What was about to happen was largely unprecedented and certainly not grand.
BANG! I heard, I turned around.
Searching for the reason and the source of that sound.
Then I saw them, two armed men.
Firing bullets and pushing people to death's den.
My first reaction was to duck, get out of danger's way.
Some people began to run, some began to pray.
My baggage was lost but I did not care.
To go back and search for it, I did not dare.
With every increasing sound, I heard death getting close.
I fell to the ground and right there I froze.
Around me, everyone was doing the same.
Thinking about their loved ones or chanting God's name.
I did not know what to do, I was totally numb.
I was paralysed with fear, and couldn’t move a finger or a thumb.
Without even a second thought, they kept shooting.
The sound of the bullets sent my ears ringing.
Out of nowhere a buzz filled in my head.
It was a buzz full of hatred, and it cleared me off my dread.
Something had happened to me and I looked up.
The man and the patriot inside me had been stirred up.
The blood and the gore surrounding me urged me on,
to stop this injustice, and revenge for all those gone.
Some minutes had passed and both of them had advanced.
Almost out of the station one of them had passed.
The other was close-by, 
to achieve what I wanted, I had to be quite and sly.
I saw a knife dangling from his waist.
I needed to reach out to him and attack with haste.
With his back to me, I got up, ran towards him with all my might.
I jumped on him and tried holding him tight.
I reached for his waist and drew the knife.
He tried to struggle, and I held on for dear life.
But he managed to free himself and we came face to face,
With one movement I stabbed him, then there was a painful grimace.
Then he smiled and fired his gun.
But I knew that my job was almost done.
Both of us fell, bleeding now to death.
I still tried to crawl and near him I crept.
With all the strength that was left I plunged the knife deeper.
Only to ensure, that he would go into the death slumber.
Seeing the blood from my own body, I knew the end was near.
But I knew I had done it by overcoming the fear.
With satisfaction of revenge I rested there.
In my eyes came death's dark glare.
With justice being served, I was at peace.
No guilty conscious for a life full of unease.
I may not have lived to tell this story, I bid thee farewell 
But I at least sent one of them to "ROT IN HELL". 

~ Akshay Vaidya Operations PGDM 2014

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