Thursday, November 27, 2014

An Entrepreneur's Diary

Minding his business from an early age:
My family has always been business oriented and I think I have it in my blood. I even had an opportunity to manage my uncle's medical store as a child. Even in college I was involved in various entrepreneurial activities and taking up a job was never an option for me. So after completing by B.Tech, although I had a placement offer, I started my own project where I was doing something for the Indian Railways.

Rise and fall and rise again:
I had a great experience working as a Railway contractor and I got to learn about everything; from project tendering to final work completion. Of course there were hiccups along the way and I faced setbacks, but I knew I would bounce back again. That’s the nature of business, which is something I learned from an early age. My entrepreneurial journey so far has been for about 4 years and has got me many opportunities to work with people from diverse backgrounds, including a few projects with The Painting People, Australia.

Management training to understand business:
Whatever I know of the business world, I have learned it though my own experiences. But I wanted to get proper management training to understand business, which is why I chose SPJIMR. It is a B school that has an entrepreneurial approach, which suited me perfectly. The program gives me space and time to pursue my business interests while I get learning opportunities in every domain to hone my skills.

Overall SPJIMR experience:
The journey has been exciting although initially I took time to adjust to the new place. I find it very refreshing now and get exposed to things that I have never done before. Faculty members here are very accessible and I am lucky to have talented batch mates. It’s a brilliant experience sharing ideas with them and learning from them.  With the help of E-cohort I also get to work on my business. What more could I ask for?

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