Saturday, November 01, 2014

Philips CampusJournos: My First Competition

Three weeks into B-school and I was already feeling the heat – both literally and figuratively. The unusually scorching June heat coupled with a rather rigorous academic curriculum was making life difficult. All of us were new to this environment of a “B-School” and barely knew each other. Thanks to various social networking sites, I had befriended a few guys beforehand. The first week was quite hectic but was fun & contrary to popular belief we removed time to play and party (:P).

Out of nowhere we received a mail one day about a challenging but fun competition by Philips called Campus Journos. Now, I am quite an upbeat guy. I love competitions and I wanted a break. I convinced my buddies AD (Akshay Deshmukh) and Sawant (Sawant) and we enrolled for the competition. Round 1 required us to make a video campaign for one of two Philips products. The unbelievably hectic schedule however completely immersed us into academics and we forgot about the deadline until 2 days before the submission date. It took some effort convincing my friends about how badly I wanted to participate and finally, they yielded.

The competition required us to make a video wherein a child pitches the Philips AirFryer to his Grandma. We sat in Sawant’s room trying to think of a way to pitch the product differently. He started strumming a few chords on his guitar and stringing a few words together and voila we soon had a jingle ready. The three of us then had to weave a video in too. Despite the lethargy and our limited knowledge about video editing, we managed to create a video–a minimalistic one featuring stick figures which actually ended up being quite entertaining.

Winning the first round got us really upbeat and charged up to give the second round our best shot. This time the topic was an awareness campaign for Sleep Apnea – a sleeping disorder. Again, despite having fairly little time and being flooded with assignments we managed to compose a small rap which was quite catchy. We decided to keep the video very simple with the lyrics displayed on the screen. I embedded some pictures in the video to take it a notch above ‘simple’ and our second video was ready.

We really liked the feel and simplicity of the video but having viewed a few other entries we knew for a fact that the competition was going to be tough. After anxiously awaiting the results for a few days, to our surprise, we were crowned the national winners! The tremendous learning experience was made all the more worthwhile by the fact that we won some really cool Philips goodies, much to the envy of our batch mates.

Until the next competition.

~ Udit Dhiman PGDM2014 Marketing

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