Thursday, November 27, 2014

Its never too late to Learn!

Pranav Tatwawadi, PGDM 16, Operations Management is all about being an all rounder and a well-groomed personality.

Scholarly beginnings:
One of the biggest highs for me in my academic journey has been winning the NTSE scholarship that is awarded by the Government of India. It’s special for me because only 1000 students from all over the country are given the scholarship every year and I was one of them.

Varied interests:
I am a sportsperson at heart and I believe that playing sport not only keeps you healthy and fit but builds the right attitude in you as well. I played badminton and have represented my college and previous employers at various National level tournaments.

Four years ago I started learning the sitar, which is considered to be a difficult instrument to learn. But I give one hour of my time daily to practice and it helps me find inner peace. I have given certification exams and played at various concerts. Being on stage performing is a unique high.

Professional journey:
As a software engineer I worked with Oracle for about three years. I used to be a software developer for their EM cloud control and it was a great place to work because I learned a lot.

Future plans:
You’ll often find people who have worked in manufacturing plants opting for Operations Management. But I chose it as specialization for my PGDM since I have keen interest in it. I believe gaining knowledge of operations is helpful because I can apply it in every field and achieve my career goals.

Overall SPJIMR experience
It has been a wonderful experience so far as I am learning each passing day. I also believe that your life should be colorful and SPJIMR is adding new colors to my life every day.

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