Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Reliance Retail Champions!

It was Saturday, the 13th of September when Damodar Mall, the man who built customer strategy for Reliance group visited SP Jain campus. The college was abuzz with excitement as many had heard a lot about this eminent personality. Additionally, he was had authored a book titled, ‘The Super-market Wala’ whose copies were to be sold at the campus. There was another perk to this event, the organizers of ‘The CEO talk series’, i.e. Industry Integration Forum, also declared a competition the winners of which were to receive a certificate from Mr. Mall himself.
The competition was interesting. It was to arrange various selected items found in a retail store in various places using the map of the store provided. However, it was to be done in just a few hours. My team, consisting of Dhinesh Babu and Saurabh Kumar apart from me,was quite psyched about the competition as we had a basic idea about the arrangement of items in stores to make them appear lucrative to the customer. We were unsure if we would be able to finish it in time for the deadline but we were optimistic. So we sat together and worked on our strategy during the breaks between each class. There was an initial conflict of ideas but we could soon find common ground and we finished the task just in time for submission.
During the lecture, we came to know that quite a few other teams had also handed in their submissions and we were unsure about our chances of a win. However, when the winners were announced at the end of the session we were elated! Our hard work and optimism had surely paid off. 
All in all, it was a productive day and the lecture by Mr. Mall was informative and engaging.

~Maneesha Akshay PGDM 2014 Marketing

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