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Centre of Development of Corporate Citizenship

SPJIMR’s significant research study in 1989 for ASSOCHAM on accelerating the pace of socio economic development of India’s vast rural society led to the introduction of social-sector projects in place of conventional summer projects for PGDM participants of the 1993 batch.

It culminated into setting up of a full-fledged Center for Development of Corporate Citizenship.
SPJIMR set up the center with a broad vision of accelerating the pace of socio-economic development in rural India through collaboration and networking with NGOs, Government and Corporate organizations along with SPJIMR’s role as an intermediary to impart the management inputs to this under managed sector.

The distinctive feature of this innovation was the “Beyond Classroom learning” pedagogy of SPJIMR. It gives experiential learning and true insights about the social sector and its mode of operations in India.

S P Jain Institute of Management and Research’s mission is to influence practice and promote value-based growth. The students recognize, understand, and uphold the social relevance of business decisions, including those taken within the underserved sections of society.

We uphold this mission because we recognize our twin roles – as a responsible member of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and as a responsive member of Indian society at large – and look at ourselves in a wider context as a ‘Beyond MBA’ institution. We also emphasize sensitivity to the social footprint of business actions and the role of spirituality in a balanced approach to decision making.

We aim to accomplish our mission through:
  • learner-centric pedagogy that will emphasize on valuable attitudes, including spirituality, and skills as much as knowledge;
  • exposing students to value-based growth in underserved parts of our communities;
  • synthesis – in our intellectual contributions and curriculum – of competition- based western efficiency and collaboration-centric eastern ethos; and
  • intellectual contributions aimed at influencing practice.

SPJIMR community strives to realize these objectives through integrity, self- accountability, professional discipline, and hard work. We value operational freedom and uphold an entrepreneurial, agile, flexible, and collaborative culture.

SPJIMR: Larger than an MBA

The idea of a larger purpose to business and an inner voice that might guide managers in their key decisions carries deep implications for modern day management. This is particularly relevant at a time when questions are being raised about the current models of business rooted in the Western ideas of growth centered on a material and acquisitive mindset.

Amid economic uncertainty, B-schools across the globe are also grappling with questions around the role of business in society and how managers might deliver amid rising aspirations, shrinking resources and increasing disparity. And as people spend more time at work and in their organizations, there are disconcerting signals on issues concerning mental peace, happiness and questions on the purpose of a life mired in stressful situations.

At SPJIMR, we have set out a different path that can help resolve three apparent contradictions that face us-
  • A synthesis of the Western emphasis on efficiency (individualistic, with a concern for the ends) with Eastern values and ethos (societal, with an equally important emphasis on the means)
  • Coexistence of collaborative and competitive modes which strive for individual excellence and yet reinforce a group culture
  • Retaining a motivation for material advancement but balanced with sensitivity to the idea of social justice
~ Geethika Vasudeva PGDM2014 Marketing

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