Friday, December 05, 2014

SPJIMR Sprint! Set your pulse racing!

Management B-schools are talked about because of the variety of learning it provides to its students. When a student passes out of a top management institute, he would have learnt more in those 2 years than his or her previous 5 years. There are various aspects that a student is exposed to be it non academic activities in the form of competitions, different interest clubs such as dancing and theatre or sports. SPJIMR is a pioneer in this field where it believes in ‘learning by doing’. Here the PGDM students go through different workshops and programs which help them improve themselves in a holistic fashion. SPJIMR believes in combining the eastern ethos with the western efficiency. While there are state-of-the-art well equipped classes teaching the most current and updated syllabus, there are programs like Abhyudaya and DOCC which makes the students aware of the societal problems and equip them with skills to tackle them in the future.
Sports plays an important part in everyone’s life. There are different lessons that can be learnt through sports and then can be applied in the business world. Harsha Bhogle’s ‘The winning way’ is an exceptional book in this regard where he talks about his ring side experience of cricket and its different aspects – leadership, team building, attitude and passion – which are very much synonymous with business in today’s world. SPJIMR also focuses immensely on sports and has excellent training facilities for the students to nurture their sporting talent. The annual sports meet known as “SPRINT” is the country’s second largest management sporting fest and it boasts of organizing different sporting events during the month of January every year.
Sprint has seen a participation of more than 20 B-schools last season with a participation of over 2000 students. No doubt it was a grand success. But to pull this grand event requires an extensive planning. Interested first year students are initially screened and put in different categories such as events, sponsorship, marketing, logistics and creative team. Each team works in co-ordination with the others for 4 months to execute the 20 different events that take place. Most of the work is done by the students with periodic guidance given by the faculty. This helps in increasing their knowledge and skill to manage a big event such as this.
Over the years Sprint has had some big corporate associating themselves with Sprint. Some of the renowned ones are Coca Cola, Tata, Puma, Indian Bank, SportsKeeda, Red Bull and ONGC. It offers corporate to showcase their brand to the future leader of this country. This year SPJIMR wants to go one step ahead by attracting 3000 students to the fest. The promotion for the event has already begun as early as November, 2014 and would have a great outreach to not only the other B-schools but also the corporates.

The main theme of Sprint 2015 would be ’Inspire the sportsman within’ which is positioned as a call to all those who have been suppressing the sportsman within them under a pile of case studies and classroom lectures.

~ Gourabdip Ghosh Marketing PGDM 2014

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