Friday, December 05, 2014


The cradle of rationale,
a magnet on my soul.
The thorns, pits and quagmires
Encircle me like a platoon of barricades
Fighting for the cause of Circumstance
The glass cages never shatter
They're made of my lost will
to survive

As the lines cross
and the planes shift..
The only point I meet---
The coincidence of
A dead boy's shadow
Reflecting a nascent man's feet

A countless things I want
But love is all I need..

What I can't express and never measure
is a prison of luxury.
I often visit.
Only to find Hope hiding in a corner
Reaching  out her arms.
I deny her.
Truth is only as liberating
as much as left undiscovered..

I keep dodging the locus of my heartbeats..
Oblivious of the stealth of destiny
Tip toeing behind...
An angel stopped my beat..
and brought me back to life..

Together we traced
the shape of a moment lived true and full.
the smallest of sojourns..when shared..
feels complete.
I learned the value of a number
i never believed in..


In your woman 
you see(k) a mother..

One miracle panacea
One indestructible ark
One source of pristine love
One stream of consciousness
One ray of light in the infinite dark
One umbilical cord that binds..

~ Debajyoti Biswas Operations PGDM 2014

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