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Management education has, in the last decade, undergone fundamental changes in terms of the quantum and nature of value that it is expected to create for society – whether it is business and industry which B-schools are meant to serve, or the less privileged sections of society. Societal expectations on management education’s higher responsiveness and responsibility is built against a backdrop of growing economic inequity and the aftermath of an global financial meltdown of mammoth proportions.
The top business schools in the global arena, have been proactive in rethinking and redesigning the inputs, processes and values that an MBA curriculum should contain. S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) has been at the helm of differentiation, social responsiveness and value-additive inputs and processes since the last two decades. Moreover, in the current context, SPJIMR has been closely monitoring these global changes and fine-tuning its pedagogy to keep its participants up to date with the latest ideas and innovations in the domain of management education.
With its initiatives like Abhyudaya, Development of Corporate Citizenship (DOCC) and Assessment and Development of Managerial and Administrative Potential (ADMAP), SPJIMR has instilled in its MBA participants an element of personal and professional growth through a sense of contribution to Society – given the privileges and opportunities that the participants enjoy.
In keeping with this spirit of aspiring for a holistic development of Society, SPJIMR launches this blog portal wherein the faculty and students of the institute talk about the latest innovations and share their experience about this journey of evolving into more passionate, responsible and committed human beings – all great qualities for a professional as well. This portal will serve as a window to ‘life@SPJIMR’ and will depict what makes SPJIMR the distinctive Institute it is.

We are a student driven marketing initiative aimed at enriching the public outreach program of SPJIMR. The blog is maintained with the help of inputs from the entire student community or as we call it  "The SPJIMR Family"

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