Friday, June 12, 2015

SPJSM: Remarketing in Social Media

Remarketing is one of the most powerful tools that allow maintaining consumer relationships who have expressed prior interest in the product/service. Social media is a very powerful to track user preferences, behavior and to generate a personal connection. The inbound marketing can be effectively used effectively to generate impactful content. Remarketing also offers a chance to segment social media users and then reaching to them via targeted advertising.

The major reason which makes remarketing particularly useful in social media context is the number of times it assists in final sales. A lot of times these conversions are unreported but one should realize the importance of providing a hook to help in attaining final purchases.

To help target effective leads and to do accurate segmentation one needs to decide on what are the logical blocks of customers. This facilitates analytics, as the social referral traffic comes from a variety of sources. An example could be segregating twitter, facebook and youtube traffic. One should use Google URL builder to insert remarketing code into the website to collect data to facilitate social conversion.

The following questions should be asked to analyze the role of remarketing in long-tail conversions and direct response:-
1.       Do FB/Twitter/Pinterest get converted more often owing to direct-response advertisements?
2.       In terms of social conversion, do content marketing advertisements have higher impact than direct-response ads?
3.       Do the social media followers prefer being converted to email/newsletter subscribers before the final purchase?
4.       Should the remarketing ads be aligned with the type of content in the link they originally visited on the source?

Previously there was a huge limitation that the remarketing list could only track first-party links. This was a huge roadblock as around three-quarters of the web-content shared belonged to third-party websites. Thanks to the continuous innovation in the social media marketing space it is now possible to track these links too  (Source: SME Digital and WebMechanix). This makes remarketing an even more powerful tool with broad implementation areas.

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 Vivaswan Pathak (PGP-14-155)

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