Friday, June 12, 2015

SPJSM: Analysis of successful social media campaign

The sheer numbers of online users and the interconnected nature of network in India places the social media marketing on growth pedestal.  To illustrate by example we take “Oreo Daily Dunk” social media campaign which had proved to be quite successful.

Why was the campaign initiated?
Oreo had to snatch the market share of the Rs. 5500 Crore premium cream biscuit market from the leaders in order to survive in India. They initiated the brand awareness campaign with the core entitled as “keeping togetherness” with a focus on Facebook and Pinterest. The campaign culminated the Facebook Fan page to become one of the fastest growing pages as reported by Business Insider.

What is unique in the campaign?
(i)                  The use of visual techniques:  Visual techniques were tied up with regular events of the day and were made special. This was to bank on the emotional connectivity.
(ii)                The use of hashtags: The brand’s hashtag #DailyDunks was piggybacked on other time-relevant hashtags such as #DoctorsDay,  #SummerSolstice to showcase relevance
(iii)               User Connect: Oreo art was launched on Pinterest & Facebook where innovative images were uploaded and the fans were encouraged to post their artwork  on the Fan upload board.

The nature of the content is such that it could be used anywhere be it Pinterest Facebook or Twitter but the Pinterest campaign failed to capture the attention of the fans while the FB was quite successful. The reason for the same is lack of active fan-base on Pinterest from India. The focus of the campaign was on creating compelling content to increase engagement hence the number of posts were of quality but few in number which also proved their constraint as their lone comment was lost in the feed.
Currently there is another social media campaign running on Twitter in the metro cities of India called #DoodleIt and #PlaywithOreo.  The latter campaign is similar to FanUploadBoard while the former runs a contest to popularize the street art created by Oreo artists and to connect with the users in their local area. The results of this campaign are still awaited but the twitterati is abuzz and the page has garnered substantial followers in relatively short span of time.

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Vivaswan Pathak (PGP-14-155)

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