Wednesday, January 07, 2015

When Ads Make Sense

Nobody likes the interruption ads cause be it on TV or those stupid banners on web pages taking millions of seconds to load...but ever wondered if the ads could just serve to your interests, if the ads could be sensible enough to market something you were just thinking of...Google has made this a reality with Adsense.

Google an advertising program by Google to participate in which website/blog owners put a small snippet of code onto their sites and in turn "Contextual Ads" are displayed on their webpages. What this means is that Google scans the content of the pages and only the ads related to the subject matter of the pages, the user's geographical location and some other factors (which are therefore aptly called Contextual Ads) are displayed.

Thus the probability of users visiting the site being interested in those ads becomes substantially high. For example, on a recruitment related site, Adsense will automatically be showing ads related to "writing resumes" or "potential recruiters" which are likely to interest the visitor. Now coming to the money-matters, when the visitors of the site click on these ads the owner of the site gets paid by Google, which in turn is paid by the Advertisers(who have subscribed to Google Adwords), in simple words Adsense is a Pay-Per-Click program but with the Google flavor.

Google also uses the same Adsense technology in Gmail and Google Search Results also. Have you ever noticed while using gmail, that the ads in the sidebar are closely related to the content of the mail you are reading. Similarly the sponsored links in the search results are also targeted towards the search text.

What prompted me to dedicate this one to Adsense was the popularity of this concept. Today you can seldom find sites not having the "Ads By Google" tag on them (mind you this one's no different, there's one at the top of this post).

There are a lot of Adsense success stories. People are bringing up websites and blogs for the very purpose of deploying Adsense on them...coz all it takes is a Google Account and then it's just clicking and picking....

What's also noteworthy is the fact that Adsense has been known to be really smart, people have left no screw unturned to trick it - "hiring others to click on the ads", "using automated scripts doing the clicking work" and many more...but Google bots have proven too smart to be fooled and above attempts have resulted in people getting banned from Adsense.

If you feel ever so slightly tempted to use Adsense after reading this then don't wait, hold firmly your scrollbars, scroll a little upwards and there's an invitation to glory(Referral button) waiting for you....;)

~Luv Rustagi, PGDM 2013-15 Operations

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