Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Group Interview Experience- Rupesh Kumar

Name: Rupesh Kumar
Entrance Exam Percentile: 99.20
Programme and Batch: PGDM 2014-16, Operations Management
Work experience: 35 months

For WAT:
1.     How was your performance in the MBA entrance exam? Also share your overall WAT experience?
My performance in the entrance exam was quite good. I got 99.20 percentile in the exam and interview calls from all IIMs except A, B, C, L

2.       What was your topic for WAT and what was your Time limit?
I do not remember the topic of WAT but the time limit was 20 minutes.

3.       What was your approach towards WAT and how would you rate your writing?
I will rate my writing 4 out of 5. My approach was to devise a structure on how to write about the topic and allocate the time according to individual section.

4.       How did you prepare for WAT, your Time Management strategy?
I prepared for WAT by reading different articles on the current affairs.

5.       How did you Structured your essay writing along with the time constraint?
I devised the structure of the essay as Introduction, description and then conclusion and accordingly allocated time to each of these sections.

7.       Is there any advice for the aspirants who’d be appearing in the WAT test soon?
Stick to the time limit and read articles for WAT preparation

For GI-1:
1.       How many members were there in your interview board?
There were 5 interviewees and two interviewers

2.       How was your interview structured?
GI-1 was mainly focused on why I have chosen the given specialization and about my work experience.

3.       Was there any tough question for you to answer?
As such there were not any tough questions, just be prepared for the question Why do you want to do an MBA.

4.       What were the key factors which you think influenced your selection at PI stage?
Clarity about the specialization I wish to go, relevant work experience.

5.       How did you prepare for your PI?
Preparing general HR questions, like about Myself,  Why I want to do an MBA and some knowledge about current affairs

6.       Did you appear for any other PI exercise at other top B-schools? Please share a few experiences (where you went wrong).
Yes, I appeared for interviews of  IIM Kozhikode, IIM Shillong, New IIMs, XLRI and some other MBA colleges

7.       Any interesting moment from your PI which you would like to share with MBA aspirants
Not which I could recollect

8.      What is your advice to aspirants for Group Interview?
Be clear about Why do you want to do an MBA and Why you are choosing a particular specialization.

For GI-2:                                   
1.       How was your GI-2 experience different from GI-1?
GI-2 was entirely different from GI-1. It was based more on myself, my life and how I think about a certain Issue.
2.      What according to you was different/unique in your interview (ex: over Skype, Extremely technical, completely non-technical etc.
GI-2 was a completely non-technical Interview. The questions were like What life events in my past have shaped me as an Individual What I am today? Views on Arvind kejriwal etc.
3.      How was your selection post GI-1 communicated to you?
Selection in GI-1 was communicated to me by the Adcom members of SPJain
4.      How did you overcome your nervousness (if any) during the interview?
Be confident of the answers you give and understand the question well before answering
5.      What role did your background play during the interview process?
I think my work experience played a role in my GI-1 interview as I was applying for operations management and my work experience was quite relevant to the specialization.

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